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AIRQUAL-1 Breathing Air Quality Test Kit


The AIRQUAL-1 Breathing air quality test kit designed to ensure that the quality of breathing air meets the international standards set by BS EN12021.

The AIRQUAL-1 provides on the spot indication of compressed air quality conveniently packaged in a rugged peli-case

Choose your preferred Oil Mist, Water Vapour and Carbon Dioxide Airtec tubes. GAS1A (Carbon Monoxide) is supplied as standard. 

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Excl. VAT: £1,395.00 Incl. VAT: £1,674.00

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The AIRQUAL-1 Breathing Air Quality Test Kit has been designed to comply with the BS EN12021 legislation for compressed breathing air testing.

a1-cbiss have designed the AIRQUAL-1, a conveniently packaged breathing air quality test kit that allows for ‘on the spot’ measurement of compressed air quality, used for respiratory devices in the marine, fire, and industrial applications.

What does the AIRQUAL-1 measure?

The AIRQUAL-1 breathing air quality test kit has been designed for use with the Gastec Airtec Tubes and is supplied complete with oil mist, water vapour, carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) test tubes to allow immediate multiple testing. There are 10 Airtec tubes in each pack. Oxygen is measured using the Protege ZM which has been fitted to the AIRQUAL-1.

This comprehensive breathing air quality test kit is compact, easy to operate and can be used to indicate the level of contamination, as well as, operating flow, temperature and pressure.

In addition to the detection of the compressed air contaminants listed above, AIRQUAL-1 also features an oxygen analyser allowing for the constant real-time display of the oxygen content within the compressed air system.

How is the AIRQUAL-1 packaged?

At 4kg and packaged in an aluminium casing, the AIRQUAL-1 is rugged, lightweight and does not require charging, meaning that it can even be used in situations where power isn’t accessible.

How does the AIRQUAL-1 work?

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What is BS EN12021?

The quality of compressed air used in breathing apparatus is specified in the European Standard EN12021:2014 "Respiratory protective devices – Compressed Air for breathing apparatus."

It is required that any compressed air used for breathing equipment must not contain any contaminants at a harmful level that will have a damaging effect on human health. In order to keep in compliance, regular tests must be carried out.

However, it is to be noted that not every substance needs to be tested; a risk assessment should be carried out to decide which substances must be tested for.

The tests for harmful substances should be carried out at least once every 3 months unless the piece of equipment is to be moved or can be seen to be contaminated; then another test should be carried out. The results of the tests must be recorded and documented this is so that it can be certified that all of the requirements have been met.

What does BS EN12021 apply to?

The BS EN12021 standard applies to self-contained compressed air breathing apparatus used above and underwater (SCUBA). It also applies to systems supplying breathing air via an air line, escape devices and systems supplying synthetic air

Why test breathing air to BS EN12021 standards?

It is imperative that breathing air is tested often and thoroughly for contaminants in compressed breathing air, excessive levels of CO, CO2, oil and mist can cause the user to become lightheaded, nauseous and dizzy.

High levels of contaminants can be caused by saturated filters or incorrect compressor servicing; these factors would not necessarily be picked up in the initial stages of servicing, adding emphasis to the importance of compressed air testing.

It’s difficult to detect CO or CO2 as, until they’re at a harmful level, they don’t give off any taste or odour. In addition to potential health risks, contaminated air can also create problems such as inefficient filtration which in the long run can lead to unnecessary costs.

The standards provided by BS EN12021 are, as such, the only UK standards available to follow. The European standard for the quality of compressed air states that “in any event, all contaminants shall be kept to as low a level as possible and shall be below the national exposure limit as defined by the Health and Safety Executive (EH40).


  • Robust aluminium case 
  • Lightweight only 4kgs 
  • Rated up to 10 bar g 
  • Calibration flow meters 
  • No additional equipment required 
  • No external power required

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