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Buildings and Facilities

Common gas hazards include: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Refrigerants (Ammonia, F-Gases).

School classrooms and shopping centres where large numbers of people are enclosed in a limited space cause the increase of Carbon Dioxide. Refrigeration systems in hotels, public offices and shops monitor for refrigerant gas leakage.

From year 2020, the F-Gas Regulations will stipulate that HFCs with a GWP of 2500 or greater will be prohibited for service and maintenance use on systems with a charge size equivalent to 40 tonnes of CO2. This affects large retail stores with refrigerated storage. 

Fixed gas detection systems are used to measure these gases. Storage of Chlorine at swimming pools could either require a fixed system to alert workers prior to entry of the storage room or portable gas detectors worn to alert build-up of gas.

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