DBI-SALA® 5 Piece Davit Hoist System

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Includes short adjustable offset upper mast (8568001), 83.8cm lightweight lower mast (8568002) and a 3 piece lightweight base (8568005). Includes winch mounting bracket.

Product Description



  • 5-piece davit hoist system
    Includes everything needed (winch/SRL bought separately) to build your confined space rescue/retrieval system.
  • Adjustable offset upper davit mast (model 8568001)
    An ideal confined space support structure for one or more mechanical devices and your choice of portable or permanent bases.
  • 83.8 cm lower davit mast extension (model 8568002)
    Provides the flexibility to change the overall mast height of a system.
  • Telescopic reach of 29.2 to 69.8 cm 
    Adjustable length of davit ensures mechanical device lifeline(s) are always centred over the confined space.
  • Adjustable vertical height of 83.8 to 109.2 cm 
    Eliminates the need for custom length masts and extensions, allowing one system to cover a range of different confined space scenarios.
  • 3-piece base width adjusts from 94 to 162.6 cm (model 8568005)
    This system accommodates a wider range of confined space entry needs when compared to tripods because of its unique adjustable base.
  • Built-in pulleys
    Ensure smooth, efficient rescue and work support operations.
  • Quick mount winch/ SRL bracket
    Simple detent style bracket offers extremely fast and safe mechanical device installation.
  • Combine up to 2 extensions
    To customise the davit system, attach 2 extensions together in any combination to fit the changing work area for ultimate flexibility.
  • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium construction
    Our davit systems are a fraction of the weight when compared to steel and offer quick and easy transport, set-up, dismantling and storage.

3M DBI-SALA® Hoist Systems are designed for manhole and confined space entry/retrieval applications. These systems are manufactured of lightweight materials including high-strength aluminium for sturdiness and easy transportation. The davit pivots for ease-of-rescue and has an adjustment for overhead clearance restrictions. The lower base adjusts to fit most standard entries. Many other portable and fixed bases are available to suit any job site need. When it comes to confined space entry/rescue, it is essential that equipment operates perfectly and quickly.

DBI-SALA® has an extensive line of rescue and retrieval systems with decades of proven field service. Safety engineers and site directors trust DBI-SALA® for the type of high quality, rugged systems that will ensure top performance when it is needed the most.


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