AC32e NO, NO2 and NOx Analyser

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The AC32e is part of the new eco-designed series. Using chemiluminescence (CLD) technology, the ambient air quality monitor measures nitrogen oxides.

Product Description


Superior design the measurement of NO, NO2 and NOx in the range 0-1 ppm or 0-10 ppm.

The AC32e is QAL1 certified by the TÜV, US-EPA approved. With its ultra low power consumption & 24 V supply (option), the AC32e is the sole NOx analyser on the market able to measure without being connected to the power grid.


  • Excellent sensitivity & metrological performances for NO, NO2 and NOx measurements in the range 0-1 ppm and optionally NH3
  • Real-time calibration graph, animated synoptic, auto-diagnostic data screens
  • Onboard service assistance: Detects early signs of trouble, allows predictive maintenance, identifies the needed service and guides service operations step by step: increased productivity on site, reduced downtime, more efficiency, less training

Customise to Suit your Requirements

Featuring an interactive menu, real-time calibration graphs and user adjustable response and averaging time, the AC32e is designed to be customised to meet your analytical requirements.control and maintenance which can be displayed while the instrument is operating

Smart, Connected

  • Smart, connected instrument with embedded web server for the easiest, full remote control and operation of the analyser from any PC, tablet or smartphone (configuration, calibration, test, diagnostic parameters)


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