Ankersmid Peltier Cooler


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The Peltier Cooler reduces the risk of condensation occurring in the analyser through lowering the dew point of humid gas to 4 degrees

Product Description


Peltier coolers are used in gas analysis to lower the dew point of humid gas, this process eliminates the risk of condensation in the analyser.

Self maintained, compact & powerful, the Ankersmid Peltier Cooler is a simple aid in gas analysis.

"Adjustable  Extremely Stable Dew Points"

This  unique  microprocessor  controlled  Peltier  Cooler  has  been designed  with  a  powerful  dew  point  stabiliser.  The  dew  point  is set at 4°C but can be changed at any value between 1 and 15°C.

"Configurable Output & Input"

The  digital  controlled  cooler  has  many  control  and warning features like programmable alarms, mA-output, digital inputs and Modbus or RS485 communication

The Ankersmid Peltier Cooler can be used as part of the a1-cbiss PGCS to carry out portable gas analysis. For more information visit the PGCS page.


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