Emergency Escape

Breathe Safely in Emergency Escape

Escape hoods provide an air supply that lasts long enough to make your escape in emergency situations.

The hood and gas cylinder is contained in an easy to wear over the shoulder bag.

These sets are designed to be simple to don in emergency escape situations. They provide a safe escape from hazardous environments where breathing has become difficult or endangered from the threat of smoke or toxic gases.

Don the Respirator Hood

In an emergency situation onboard a ship or whilst working in a confined space, you need to get out quick.

Your breathing may be compromised so you need a device that firstly, delivers safe, breathable air but secondly, allows you to move quickly and not be weighed down.


The ELSA is a lightweight respirator hood that delivers a constant flow of air automatically once the hood is activated and releases for up to 10 or 15 minutes.

Just enough time for you to make your escape!

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