ATi F12/D Fixed Gas Detector

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The F12/D fixed gas detector offers a unique sensor response testing system for the measurement of toxic gases. The Auto-Test system provides reliable response checks to ensure system integrity.

Product Description


ATi's F12/D Toxic Gas Detector is housed in a NEMA 4X, polycarbonate enclosure and measures toxic gases and oxygen in non-hazardous locations. The F12/D gas detector is used to monitor for gas leaks near storage cylinders, process piping, or gas feed equipment in nearly any type of industrial plant environment.

Simplified Installation, Operation & Maintenance

The 4-button user interface with a backlit transflective graphics display is used to configure the menu-driven setup pages. The display also provides alarm indication and complete menus for setting up operating parameters.
The F12D features three-level alarms with three (optional) alarm relays, a high-resolution 4-20mA current loop output, real-time clock, data-logger, and optional HART™ or Modbus™ communication interface. In addition, the transmitter offers several optional E18 gas generators for automatic, timed testing of H10 smart sensors. 

Auto-Test System

For many toxic gases, ATi offers a unique sensor response testing system. Even outdoors in high wind conditions, the Auto-Test system provides reliable response checks to ensure system integrity.
Sensor response is verified with an actual gas sample that is generated on demand. Generators store run time information accessible to operators, and are automatically tested for compatibility with the installed electrochemical sensors.
Because all calibration data is stored in the memory, sensor modules may be calibrated using a spare transmitter in the shop, and subsequently installed into a field transmitter, eliminating the need for field calibration.


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