Autronica BG-201 Dual IR Flame Detector

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AutroFlame IR flame detector BG-201 is a point flame detector for detection of fires

Product Description


AutroFlame IR flame detector BG-201 is a point flame detector for detection of fires involving combustion of carbonaceous materials.

A dual IR flame detector compares the threshold signal in two infrared ranges - the monitored area and a reference frequency. If the surroundings in the monitored area deviates from the monitored area, the detector will give warning. At a 25 meter distance a fire will be detected within 8 – 10 seconds (EN 54-10 test fire). If the detector is mounted closer to the object of interest, the fire will be reported within 1—2 seconds.

The detector can be used in two different modes, depending on the type of system:

  • Interactive adressable for connection to AutroSafe/Autroprime detection loops
  • Conventional mode for connection to conventional panels, or as a conventional interface to other addressable systems


  • High degree of immunity to false alarm sources
  • Different sensitivity settings possible
  • Short circuit isolator in each detector 
  • Comprises a built-in alarm indicator (LED)
  • Automatic addressing
  • Solar resistant
  • Not blinded by oil film on window
  • EN 54-10, EN 54-17 approved
  • Designed to meet the requirements of major classification  societies
  • Mode selection; addressable or conventional


The dual IR flame detector is used in various applications in which risk to personnel is high and where fire might result in a large loss of equipment. Beyond critical life-safety concerns, the advanced signal processing and DYFI+ intelligence ensure that the detector has a high immunity to any nuisance alarm source and makes this detector the obvious choice for demanding applications;

  • Biomass
  • Façades
  • Atriums
  • Hangars  
  • Warehouses
  • Turbine/Engine enclosures/rooms
  • Waste storage
  • Outdoor applications in general


Advanced digital signal processing algorithms ensures fast detection of real fire scenarios combined with high immunity against nuisance alarms. The detector is immune to common false alarm sources like:

  • Vibrating hot bodies (engines, exhaust-pipes, pumps etc.)
  • Sunlight; both directly and reflections from the sea, windows or mirrors etc
  • Arc welding


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