Buildings and Facilities

Common gas hazards include: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Refrigerants (Ammonia, F-Gases).

Schools, Offices & Hotel Rooms

In school classrooms and offices where large numbers of people are working from a desk and immobile, as they breathe, Carbon Dioxide is emitted. Over time, the displacement of Oxygen will gradually cause the students and workers to feel drowsy and tired. A CO2 gas detection sensor can relay gas data to a central monitoring system which in turn can activate fans or air conditioning systems to ventilate the room. 

Air-conditioning units used in public buildings are charged with refrigerant gases. Occasionally, these units will slowly leak. It is is the best interest of facilities management to quickly identify a leak before the cost of replacing refrigerant gas becomes too expensive. There is also a health and safety risk of breathing these refrigerant gases. Refrigerant monitoring systems in hotels, public offices and shops monitor data for refrigerant gas leakage and report data to a central building management system. 

From the year 2020, the F-Gas Regulations will stipulate that HFCs with a GWP of 2500 or greater will be prohibited for service and maintenance use on systems with a charge size equivalent to 40 tonnes of CO2. For systems of this size, this is more likely to affect large retail stores with refrigerated storage. 

Swimming Pools

Chlorine is used in swimming pools to control and kill bacteria. Chlorine should be stored away from acid gas and in a well-ventilated area to prevent the risk of a toxic gas explosion. Gastec detector tubes can you used as a low-cost method of measuring levels of Chlorine prior to entering a storage cupboard. Storage of Chlorine at swimming pools could either require a fixed system to alert workers prior to entry of the storage room or portable gas detectors worn to alert build-up of gas.

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