Catalytic Combustible Gas (CGS) Detector


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Our family of stainless steel catalytic fixed gas sensors provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for flammable gas and hydrogen vapour detection applications.

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CGS-FlexVu® UD10 gas detection system is now third-party certified as SIL 2 capable.

The Det-Tronics CGS catalytic bead sensor, combined with the FlexVu ™ UD10 Universal Display, results in a combustible gas detection system. The explosion-proof system is rated for hazardous areas and is third-party approved to FM, CSA, and ATEX/IECEx standards. Ideal for high-temperature and hydrogen applications, the CGS-FlexVu™ UD10 system performs as a gas detector, display and controller for the detection of both hydrocarbon and hydrogen gases.

The Det-Tronics FlexVu™ Universal Display provides display, output, and control capabilities. It can be used to calibrate and view information from a wide selection of Det-Tronics gas sensor/transmitters and can be coupled directly to a single transmitter/sensor or be placed remotely using a sensor termination box. The device features nonintrusive calibration using a hand-held magnetic tool or a HART communicator and can be easily calibrated by one person.


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