To protect those people who work in the hospitality industry, the Confined Spaces Regulations1997 place a responsibility on licensees to carry out a risk assessment to identify potential asphyxiation risks.


The cellar is one of the most dangerous areas that pose a risk to workers. If gas from Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Nitrogen (N2) cylinders leak into the cellar and go undetected over a period of time, the gas, which is heavier than air, can build up to unsafe levels. There is also a risk of oxygen depletion. Once a member of staff enters the cellar, they could potentially be overcome with asphyxiation.

As CO2 is undetected by human senses, the only way to safely monitor it is to install a Carbon Monoxide gas monitoring system in pub cellars which is designed to warn staff of dangerous levels of gas. 

a1-cbiss are experienced in the design, build and install of fixed gas detection systems which provide local alarm and visual indication for both inside and outside the cellar to warn workers prior to entry if something is wrong. Relays in the main unit provide the ability to link the gas detection system to ventilation fans or external alarm beacons.


In addition to a fixed gas system being installed, pub workers, delivery people and drayman should wear a personal gas detector upon entry to the cellar to alert them to a gas leak. 

Does your cellar have a gas monitoring system? Contact a1-cbiss to arrange a site survey or talk to our technical specialists for help with your gas detection needs