Crowcon Vortex Gas Detection Control Panel

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Crowcon's Vortex control panel allows up to 12 devices (gas detection & fire detection) and can be monitored by reviewing just one control panel, saving time and manpower

Product Description


Crowcon's Vortex offers all the flexibility you will need while still being simple to operate. All the day to day operations can be completed via push buttons on the front panel.

Channels and Displays

  • With up to 12 channels*, including up to 3 for fire, Vortex can be customised to meet your site requirements, however complex, without the need for extensive cabling.
  • Each channel has 1 fault level and 3 alarm levels which can be combined in any pattern to trigger up to 32 output relays.
  • The flexibility is built in so although the Vortex is initially configured to suit your operational needs, channels/alarms are easily be customised by you if requirements change
  • Faults are easily seen as LED system panel lights allow for the whole system to be checked at a glance.

Installation and Maintenance

  • The Vortex is available as a standalone unit for surface mounting on walls, as a 19" rack system or a compact panel handy for when space is restricted. 
  • Thanks to industry standard communication links, the Vortex is simple to integrate into existing control systems
  • Separate zones can be individually inhibited allowing you can work on specific areas without affecting the rest of the system.
  • Modular construction allows for replacement parts to be plugged straight in. 

Compliance and Reliability

  • Analogue, relay and Modbus outputs demonstrates system dependability
  • Internal battery pack* allows for the system to be operational at all times thus preventing power outage


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