DURAFLOW Starter Pack Extended Battery

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DURAFLOW Starter Pack (2032513) includes: Powered Air Respirator; Extended duration battery (up to 16 hours); Standard belt; Charger 

The DURAFLOW is now out of stock as 3M is struggling to cope with demand. We are still accepting orders but please expect a longer delivery time than normal.

Excl. VAT: £538.00 Incl. VAT: £538.00
Excl. VAT: £538.00 Incl. VAT: £538.00

Product Description


The DURAFLOW powered air respirator is designed with end user comfort in mind. Its sleek, modern ergonomic profile allows the user to experience enhanced comfort while working in the most demanding environments. 

DURAFLOW features a durable body to withstand arduous environments and a range of design features including real-time air flow control; audible/visual alarms; standard/extended duration battery options (IP65 rated), LED operation displays.

DURAFLOW is available with a wide range of approved Scott Safety headtops and filters for a variety of applications, protecting workers from a variety of environmental hazards.

Changes in lung function in older employees working in manual positions can reduce their ability to undertake certain active tasks. By providing workers with a cooling stream of purified air, DURAFLOW can for some workers make the difference between whether a job can be completed or not.


Intelligence in the unit is constantly monitoring the flow rate in real-time to ensure correct flow rate is delivered to the user. Even as system parameters change such as battery power deteriorating correct flow rate is guaranteed. Alarms sound if correct flow rate cannot be achieved so the user can take appropriate action.


The lightweight, low profile ergonomic design provides comfort even over extended durations of hard work.


Standard and extended duration battery options for full shift coverage. Both IP65 for shower resistance.

Standard duration battery - up to 8 hours coverage; Extended duration battery available for longer shifts – up to 16 hours coverage*

Both batteries utilise high energy density Lithium-Ion technology for increased power performance


DURAFLOW has a removable battery to allow users to charge and change batteries for uninterrupted work.


Service support for main parts available as per Scott Safety’s widely approved PAPR service network. 


At approx 600g (without filters or battery), DURAFLOW is ultra-light.

2032513 DURAFLOW Starter Pack includes: Powered Air unit; Extended duration battery; Standard belt; Charger


Q. Can the items within the DURAFLOW Readypak be interchanged?
A. If you require anything different to what it is in the Readypak, then these items would need to be purchased separately.

Q. Is DURAFLOW PAPR serviceable?
A. Yes, the main DURAFLOW parts are replaceable by an approved Scott Safety service partner. Please contact your local Scott Safety representative for details of your nearest approved Scott Safety service partner.

Q. What is Real-Time Flow Control?
A. Intelligence in the DURAFLOW unit is constantly monitoring the flowrate in real time to ensure correct flowrate is delivered to user. Even as system parameters change such as battery power deteriorating correct flowrate is guaranteed. Alarms sound if correct flowrate cannot be achieved so user can take appropriate action.

Q. Can DURAFLOW be cleaned?
A. DURAFLOW has an IP rating of IP67 (suitable for submerging) with decontamination plugs and battery fitted to the unit. The unit must not be submerged without battery and decontamination plugs fitted as liquid could damage the battery contact pins & internal components. With filters, hose and battery fitted, the unit has a rating of IP55 for showering.


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