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The Scott Safety ELSA escape set is designed for rapid escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments. Reliable and simple to operate, the ELSA is trusted by thousands of users across the world.

  • Automatic activation – a constant flow of air is provided upon opening the ELSA bag

  • Integrated warning whistle for depleted air

  • The hood design enables it to be worn by those with beards or glasses

  • Cylinders provided empty - for full cylinders, contact the sales office for pricing

  • Marine Equipment Directive (MED/Shipswheel) approved

  • Certified to AS/NZS 1716:2012

  • 10 or 15 minute sized bottle for compressed air (supplied empty)

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Excl. VAT: £319.00 Incl. VAT: £382.80

Product Description


How is an Escape Set used?

As the name suggests Escape sets are only to be used for escape purposes, to leave a hazardous environment for a safe one. Under no circumstances are they to be used to enter a hazardous environment. If work is required in such an environment then a self-contained or positive pressure Airline set should be used.

The Escape set will either be carried by the user or will be mounted in a cabinet that the wearer can quickly obtain access to. Escape sets are often used in conjunction with other safety devices such as a gas detector, portable or fixed, which will alarm if the levels of a toxic gas increase or the level of oxygen decreases. Upon the user knowing that they need to escape they will open the bag and remove the hood.

This automatically activates the flow of air, so the wearer does not have to concern themselves with turning on the set. The user can quickly pull the hood over their head and make their escape. When the wearer is in a safe area with known breathable air the hood can be removed. Typically the escape set would then be refilled with air, the hood put back in the bag and the unit returned to service.

What is the ELSA?

Renowned as the world's leading Constant flow escape set (also known as EEBD), the Scott Safety ELSA (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) is designed for rapid escape from hazardous industrial and marine environments.

The ELSA is simple and quick to operate, reliable and robust in use, ensuring maximum protection in an escape situation.

The ELSA is available in durations of 10 minute (ELSA-10-B) or 15 minutes (ELSA-15B) in high visibility PVC or black anti-static polyurethane materials.

The current design is simple and quick to operate, reliable and robust in use and performs to the latest European Standard EN1146.

With a usage time of up to fifteen minutes, each ELSA escape set can be equipped with a combined cylinder valve and reducer, supply hose to constant flow hood and highly visible carrying bag.

Be mindful that the ELSA hood does not provide any form of head protection. 

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