Environics 2020 - Gas Dilution System

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The Environics 2020 is a multi-channel gas dilution system for multi-point and multi-scale calibrations

Product Description


The Environics Series 2020 precisely dilutes high concentration Protocol-1 or certified gas cylinders to an infinitely variable range of concentrations from high percents to low parts per million (ppm).

The Environics 2020 consists of a single chassis supporting up to six (6) mass flow controllers, a serpentine pre-mix zone and a zero dead-space final mixing zon. It also has a modular design which allows the user to add additional gas circuits later, reducing initial investment and protecting against obsolescence. The internally-stored mass flow controller calibration data to improve its accuracy.

The calibration data consists of an eleven-point comparison of commanded versus actual flow with linear interpolation between the points

The Series 2020 is available in either a bench top configuration or an optional standard 19” rack mount


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