Gas Detection Hire from a1-cbiss

At a1-cbiss we like to make it easy and affordable to hire out our gas detection products. Thats why all of our detectors are pre-calibrated and tested before each hire, ensuring a quick start up and full protection from the outset

Our gas detection hire fleet covers some of our more popular products, ranging from personal protection through the GasBadge Pro to area monitoring from the BM25.


Oldham BM25 Portable Area Gas Monitor

Capable of monitoring from 1 to 5 gases through diffusion or sampling pump, the BM25 packs the benefits of a fixed gas detection system into an easily transportable, yet rugged monitor.

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ISC MX6 Gas Detector Alarm

Up to 6 gases monitored continuously from 25 sensor options. Standard diffusion or internal pump make the MX6 the most versatile gas detector available today.

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ISC Ventis™ MX4 Gas Detector Alarm

The Ventis MX4 offers you exceptional value to monitor 4 gases because it supports a rugged design to provide exceptional durability in tough, industrial environments.

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Portable Products

OdaLog L2 Odour Control Logger

The OdaLog Logger L2 is specifically designed for the wastewater industry, primarily for locating Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) emissions.

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ChemLogic Portable (CLPX)

The Next Generation ChemLogic Portable (CLPX) provides powerful portable gas detection to detect a variety of gases. Its design makes the versatile CLPX the most reliable, fool proof, user friendly gas detector on the market.

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Single Gas

GasBadge Pro Single Gas DetectorSingle gas detector with interchangeable sensors for a lifetime of gas hazard protection from ISC.

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