Full Capabilities

Service and Maintenance

Gas monitoring equipment maintenance is an important part of monitoring and control systems operating correctly. The most common failure in catalytic sensors is performance degradation caused by exposure to certain poisons’. It is, therefore, essential that any gas monitoring system should not only be calibrated at the time of installation but also checked regularly and re-calibrated as necessary. Checks must be made using an accurately calibrated standard gas mixture so that the zero and ‘span’ levels can be set correctly.

We are able to support our equipment by telephone, in-house or on-site. Full repair facilities allow our engineers to turn around equipment repairs with minimal delay. For problems involving site based equipment, our engineers are able to visit the site in order to provide help and assistance to rectify equipment problems.

Technical Support

a1-cbiss can provide dedicated technical support to clients dependent upon their requirements. For larger clients, telephone support service is available to deal with issues raised by clients on site. If the client’s site is networked into a1-cbiss’s Remote Management System then remote diagnostics and resolution can avoid a more expensive service visit.

Remote Access

For clients with a single site or multiple sites, a1-cbiss’s ‘Remote Access’ provides 24/7 visibility, equipment and process management, data extraction and backup facility. Web based access enables remote interrogation of the site, remote configuration and our fully automated maintenance and management service. Whatever the application a1-cbiss are able to supply a customised solution to meet our customer’s needs.

For further information about our service capabilities, please Contact us