Sample Extraction and Conditioning

Sample Extraction and Conditioning

Sample Extraction and Conditioning

The Genie® 100 Series was developed specifically to protect gas analysers from liquids entrained in a sample stream. The Genie® separates the liquids from the gas on the upstream side of the membrane making it much more effective for analyser protection.

It’s quite common for a Genie® to be called a filter, however, technically it’s a Membrane Separator. The Genie® membrane is also a very effective particulate filter. It may, however, load very quickly with particulates because it has much less surface area than a conventional filter media.

Prior to the invention of the Genie®, the analyser community constantly battled the chronic problems associated with liquids getting into gas analysers because coalescing filters were the only technology available for removing liquids from a gas stream. Although coalescing filters are well suited to remove the bulk of liquids in a gas stream, they have difficulty removing all of it. A coalescer collects liquid on the downstream side of the filter media, where it’s almost impossible to prevent it from becoming re-entrained in the stream.

Additionally, A+ pioneered the technique of applying this technology in sample extraction probes for high-pressure natural gas pipelines that can be installed under pipeline pressure.

This reduced the industry need to shutdown pipelines for sample point additions or maintenance and significantly reduced costs and safety concerns.

Your selection of Genie® product depends on which material you are filtering. The Supreme 100 Series™ remove 100% of entrained liquid and particulate in gas samples, which allow only gas sample to flow to analysers. The Supreme 200 Series™ remove 100% of suspended, immiscible liquids in liquid hydrocarbon samples, which allow only hydrocarbon liquid sample to flow to an analyser.

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