GasAlert Micro Clip X3 4 Gas Detector

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  • Gases - The GasAlertMicroClip X3 gas detector simultaneously monitors up to four gases, including Oxygen (O2), Combustibles (LEL), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Carbon Monoxide (CO)

  • Data Storage - With a default 15-second sampling rate interval the storage capacity will be 16 hours

  • Product Rating - IP68 rating ensures maximum protection against dust and water

  • Battery - Guaranteed runtime for at least a 12-hour shift down to -20°C. Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery pack recharges in less than 6 hours

  • Advanced Features - A life expectancy of 5 years. Three-year warranty on all sensors

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Excl. VAT: £404.00 Incl. VAT: £484.80

Product Description


The GasAlertMicroClip X3, from BW Technologies by Honeywell is a rugged diffusion monitor ideal for a range of industrial work sites and confined space entry.

The GasAlertMicroClip X3 boasts a 3 year warranty and has an expected lifetime of 5 years.

The slim and compact BW GasAlert MicroClip X3 is guaranteed to run for at least a 12-hour shift — even in extremely cold temperatures. All with no impact on the sensing of Hydrogen, Acetylene and other Combustibles at the lower explosive limit.

Unlike competing detectors, it has a rating of IP68, ensuring complete protection against dust, as well as immersion in 1.2 metres of water for up to 45 minutes.

This multi-gas detector provides continuous visual confirmation of detector operation and compliance with the IntelliFlash feature and the simple one-button operation offers ultimate ease of use and significantly reduces time spent training.

a1-cbiss recommend the 2 or 3 gas sensor configuration as a cheaper alternative to buying multiple single gas detectors. Plus, the BW GasAlertMicroClip X3 offers superior features over a single gas detector.

The GasAlert Micro Clip X3 features sensors for detection of:

  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Lower Explosive Levels (LEL) of a variety of combustible gases

Key Benefits:

  • A life expectancy of 5 years — and a 3 year warranty
  • Extended battery life - up to 18 hours, guaranteed to run for at least a 12-hour shift
  • IP68, ensuring complete protection
  • Compatible with all MicroClip X3 accessories including the docking modules and MicroDock II docking systems

MicroClip X3 Package Includes:

  • Detector complete with specified sensor(s), stainless steel alligator clip
  • and concussion‐proof housing
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wall outlet charging adaptor
  • Calibration/test cap and hose
  • Manual

Why a1-cbiss Recommend It:
The BW GasAlert Micro Clip X3 is small, lightweight and very cost effective. The single button navigation also makes operation easy for the technology-impaired workers on your staff. This monitor is compatible with the MicroDock II Docking Station for bump testing, calibration and data logging. 

Who Uses This:
Workers in confined spaces such as utility workers, refinery workers, firefighters, maintenance engineers, those who spend time in sewers and waterworks, underground storage tanks, oil rigs, in tanks and silos in the maritime industry, and many others who need personal protective equipment (PPE) can use the Micro Clip X3 to know that the atmosphere is healthy. The X3 requires a manual aspirator pump with sampling hose or probe. 


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