Genie Supreme Membrane Separator Model 120

SKU: Genie 120

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The original brand known for sample conditioning and analyser protection!

•  Helps preserve sample integrity
•  Superior analyser protection
•  Quick and easy to install and maintain
•  Quick and easy membrane inspection
•  Economical

•  Genie® Membrane Technology™
•  Liquid BlockTM option
•  Low internal volume
•  Straight through Bypass
•  Built-in membrane retention
•  Threaded housing cover
•  All connection ports on the housing
•  Back mounting
•  Universal Assembly™ option

Product Description


The Model 120 is ideal for low flow applications and can withstand high pressure in the housing.

This high pressure model has a 1” cross sectional membrane area, the same as the original Genie® Model 101, and it is ideal for the removal of relatively small amounts of liquid present on a continuous basis; it is also perfect for protecting gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, O2 analysers, moisture analysers, and other analysers with relatively small flow requirements.

Please note that special fittings may be ordered, such as a Universal Assembly™. 

Genie® Series 100 Membrane Separators™

The Supreme 100 Series™ remove 100% of entrained liquid and particulate in gas samples, which allow only gas sample to flow to analysers.

This action protects analysers and other sampling components against liquid damage.

The Genie® Supreme Series™ 100 models can accommodate a wide range of applications just as the original Genie® Series 100 Membrane Separators™, yet they offer an improved housing design for easy maintenance and the innovative Liquid Block Technology™ that prevents liquid from being forced across the membrane should sample line pressure conditions become upset.

Genie® Supreme Series Membrane Separators™ are safe and easy to install and maintain, especially in heated, densely populated cabinets.


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