Genie GHR Heated Pressure Regulator


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An Analytically Correct™ single stage pressure regulator with robust heat transfer technology designed specifically for gas analytical systems!

• Prevents condensation of the sample gas, preserving sample integrity
• Reduces regulator freeze-ups
• Minimises analyser down time and maintenance cost
• Self-limiting heater prevents temperature overload
• Easy to install and mount in compact enclosures

• 316 Stainless Steel housing
• Piston style sensor element
• Two stage heating technology providing highly efficient heat transfer
• CRN approved
• Heater can be supplied to meet American NEC (CSA/NRTL/FM/UL), IEC, ATEX, and GOST standards

Product Description


The Model GHR™ Genie® Heated Pressure Regulator is a single stage pressure regulator with a self-limiting block heater designed specifically for use in gas analyser sample conditioning systems.

Its stainless steel housing contains a piston style sensing element, increasing reliability and eliminating the chance for diaphragm rupture.

The self-limiting block heater is powered utilising a direct power connection and prevents condensation from occurring during the pressure reduction stage as a result of Joule-Thomson cooling or low operating/ambient temperature conditions. Preventing condensation of the sample gas during pressure reduction has many benefits such as reducing regulator freeze-ups, preserving sample integrity, and minimising analyser down time and maintenance costs.

Since the heater does not require a controller or a specific mounting orientation, the GHR™ can be easily mounted in compact enclosures. Competitive heated or vapourising regulators rarely preheat the sample gas. If they do, the heat transfer is often insufficient. The GHR™ provides two stages of heating (pre & post pressure reduction) to ensure sufficient heat transfer throughout the pressure reduction process. This makes the GHR™ the most effective regulator on the market for preventing condensation during pressure reduction.


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