Get an InSite into Your Gas Detection Programme


The QESH Manager of a manufacturing and process engineering company objective was to find a gas detection system that provided a greater insight into how gas detection equipment was used on site to ultimately protect their workers working on their customer’s sites.


Teams of contractors operate worldwide in Germany, Holland and the Middle East. The company are frustrated at the poor quality of gas detection that is given to their contracting staff on site whilst they are there to carry out contracted work. To protect their staff, the QESH manager wanted to purchase reliable gas detectors and invest in docking stations to allow them to bump test and calibrate all equipment themselves.


The company did their own research and found iNet from Industrial Scientific which helps to achieve an effective gas detection program – maintaining the gas detection instruments, keeping records, and gaining visibility into what hazards workers are exposed to and how instruments are being used.

iNet uses the MX4’s - portable gas detectors for the detection of carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Oxygen (O2) and Combustible gases (LEL).

The company approached a1-cbiss because they are a distributor for Industrial Scientific in the UK.

a1-cbiss were more than happy to visit site and speak with the QESH Manager to completely understand what it was that he and his company required. A tour around the facility helped identify where the docking stations would be positioned and where the calibration equipment could be installed on the wall.

Following the onsite consultation, it was clear that the company wanted complete control of their data from their teams all over the world. With iNet as a total solution, Industrial Scientific lease gas detectors and control replacement equipment, this probably wasn’t what the company were looking for therefore a1-cbiss proposed iNet InSite.

iNet InSite extends the availability of iNet, Industrial Scientific's unique gas detection solution. This new solution is designed for end users who own their gas detectors and have the means of servicing and maintaining them, but are challenged with gaining the necessary visibility into their overall gas detection program. 

iNet InSite is a fixed monthly subscription which includes unlimited user access to iNet Control, as well as the iNet DS docking stations provided by Industrial Scientific at no additional cost.

The company wanted 14 gas detection kits in total which included 4 or 5 gas detection units, a docking station, a calibration gas cylinder and a wall mounted calibration cylinder holder in each.

The company wanted to make a quick decision and chose a1-cbiss because they were able to carry out the install using their in-house engineering team or portable gas detection product manager. Since placing the order with a1-cbiss, a1-cbiss have kept the company up to date with every step of the project until install took place. 

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