iNet Improves Health & Safety Program at Chemical Site

The Background

Having been impressed at a gas detection awareness seminar hosted by a1-cbiss, Rhian Newton, Health & Safety Advisor from a top tier Chemical manufacturer based in North Wales later contacted a1-cbiss to find a solution to hazardous gases present on site.

Safety onsite is the number one priority. The main role of the Health & Safety Advisor is to protect the personnel and provide information. Onsite, there are hazardous areas where permits to work specify the workforce must wear personal gas detection.

The Problem

Most of the areas that require personal gas detectors to be worn fall under the Confined Space Entry Regulations, hot work or excavation permits. Gas detection needs to take place prior to entry to ensure that it is safe to enter and must be constantly monitoring the area to ensure that people have time to escape if there is a problem.

“Our previous gas detection supplier’s equipment was unreliable and didn’t give us confidence that warnings would be provided should hazardous gases reach OEL’s. We had no way of knowing whether the instruments had been turned off by the workforce during alarm. All alarms needed to be reported so that we could investigate and document occurrences” says Rhian.

a1-cbiss were interested to understand the inconveniences that they encountered with their previous gas detectors. Rhian explained that it was frustrating not knowing whether all gas detectors were responding to present gases, whether the batteries would go flat or whether each employee was using the detectors correctly.

During maintenance shutdowns, extra gas detectors would be hired because we could not rely on the detectors not failing to work.

The Solution

a1-cbiss suggested that the Industrial Scientific iNet program would be the ultimate solution. A combination of diffused and pumped Ventis gas detectors were ordered. These should be placed on a docking station at the end of every use for recharging, daily bump tests are performed, and monthly automatic calibration and predictive analysis undertaken.

iNet continually tracks sensor performance via online software to check for sensor drift. If a gas sensor performance is found to be reducing, Industrial Scientific send an email notification then dispatch a replacement gas detector instead of having to send instruments away or to even replace the sensors on site.

iNet was a perfect solution and Rhian now has the confidence in the gas detectors. She is able to track when the detectors go into alarm and whether or not the engineers have followed the safety procedure. As the detectors are docked at the end of the job, any settings that have been changed during the shift will be automatically reset.

What did the clients say

Rhian Newton, Health and Safety Advisor says “We were very impressed with the iNet solution as it has given us tighter control over the use of gas detectors to ensure that procedures are being adhered to”.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback for the Ventis MX4 gas detectors which are being used onsite by the maintenance engineers and contractors during shutdowns. As the Cell Leaders are using the docking stations on a daily basis, they feel more confident that the warning alarms are actually legitimate and take alarms seriously rather than believing that the equipment is faulty”.

“The battery life of the Ventis MX4 has surpassed our expectations, they’re reliable, lightweight, rugged, and on average, the detectors will run for over 12 hours”.

“iNet has been brilliant! The responsiveness from Industrial Scientific in sending out a replacement gas detector within 48 working hours saved us a lot of hassle as normally we would have been without the asset for a long period of time or incurred additional hire costs”.

“Tony Alker from a1-cbiss has been pivotal in assisting with the iNet solution. He has been a huge help and I’d like to thank him for all of his help over the past 12 months. It has been really great to know there was someone that I could rely on to solve any glitches and make things happen”.