Laboratories and Medical Gas Supplies (Hospital)

Whether in schools, universities, hospitals or commercial institutes, laboratories can have a range of gas hazards which require continuous monitoring to keep personnel safe.

A variety of gases often needs to be detected in laboratories and medical sectors. The common gas hazards include: Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Combustible Gases, Hydrogen (H2), Natural gas (CH4), O2 (Enrichment/Deficiency), Peracetic Acid, and Nitric Oxide (NO).

Medical gas - oxygen or nitrogen detection systems. A simple control panel and gas sensor is suitable for continuously testing gas storage areas and will provide an alarm prior to entry in the event of a leak. 

a1-cbiss are experienced in the supply of gas detection equipment suited into laboratories. 

Scientists and technicians can benefit from round the clock protection in the form of a fixed gas detection system. These systems monitor combustible gases such as toxic gases (used to warn of the threat of gases like Carbon Dioxide released whilst analysing bacteria) and oxygen deficiency. Photoionisation detection (PID) technology provides detection against a wide range of hazardous gases at low ppb levels.

Laboratories use gas detector tubes to conduct a quick spot check in fume hoods to determine levels of present gas.

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