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When it comes to working with portable gas detectors, you are often left to guess about what to do when an instrument starts beeping and flashing.

Should you run towards an unidentified alarm to help a peer, or should you evacuate the area and call for help?

With LENS™ Wireless, you will have the information you need to take action in the moment.

Product Description


Experience the Power of the Connected Worker

LENS Wireless is the first gas detection solution that allows personal monitors and area monitors to share gas readings and alarms with one another.

Now when a gas hazard, man-down, or panic situation causes an instrument to alarm, all peers in the connected group will instantly be notified of the hazard and the person in danger.

When seconds matter, you can rely on help from workers nearby, rather than a control room or call centre hundreds of miles away.

Safety Made Simple

Connect up to 25 devices to create a dynamic safety web across your worksite. LENS Wireless adapts within minutes.

  • Share gas readings and alarms between Ventis™ Pro Series personal monitors and Radius™ BZ1 Area Monitors 
  • Enjoy out-of-the-box operation with no site surveys, IT setup, licenses, or additional infrastructure needed
  • Identify peer alarm types in real time, enabling a faster, more appropriate response
  • View gas readings from other peers in your group on any monitor without needing a central controller to relay the information
  • Receive readings from up to 1.5 km (~1 mile) away with wireless hopping between instruments
  • Activate the panic alarm on your personal monitor to notify all peers in your group of an emergency
  • Depend on self-healing mesh networks to always stay connected, even if a single unit drops off

Work Smarter and Safer

Smarter, Faster Decisions

By viewing peer readings and alarms on your own monitor, you will be able to make an informed decision about the hazard, allowing you to avoid needless evacuations or safely move to a designated muster point. There’s no need for a laptop or central controller to view peer readings in real time.

Safer Emergency Response

Make “would be” rescuer fatalities a thing of the past. First responders will know what workers in hazardous areas are exposed to—in real time, allowing them to properly equip themselves the first time, before attempting a rescue. Panic and man-down alarms will be relayed to the first responders if workers become injured or unresponsive.

Better Site-Wide Communication

Gas hazards are not just a local issue for the worker who is exposed. Explosive and toxic gases also pose a threat to those in the vicinity. With LENS Wireless, you have visibility into hazards happening up to a mile away, allowing you to take appropriate safety precautions when gas levels in the area approach dangerous levels.


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