Bump Testing Stations

When a gas detection instrument is turned on, you can see that the battery and display are working properly, but what about the gas sensors and alarms? How do you know you’ll be able to rely on your gas detector in a critical situation?

A bump test station makes it easy to test your gas detector, so you and your team can depend on it when working in a hazardous situation.

Service Contracts

a1-cbiss provide an on-site service for Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems and Gas Detection Systems or for sites that want to avoid the burden of removing gas detectors from site. We come to you!

a1-cbiss service customers are prioritised for: 

  • Speedy response times
  • Scheduled service and calibration visits
  • Critical spare parts and consumables

Calibration Gas Cyclinders

a1-cbiss supply fast delivery of 116-litre calibration gas cylinders directly to your site. Buy your reactive or non-reactive mixtures, including all the common quad and test gas variants here. Non-refillable, disposable cylinders are portable and ideal for on-site calibration of personal gas detectors and fixed gas detection systems The lightweight and compact nature of non-refillable cylinders reduces transport costs dramatically Ideal for low or infrequent usage (such as research or educational institutions) where gas is only needed for occasional use

Gas Sensors

Replacement gas sensors are available for Crowcon, Teledyne, and Industrial Scientific gas detectors, allowing you to replace your sensors quickly and easily.


  • Electrochemical Sensors for detecting common gases such as Oxygen (O2 Sensors), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S Sensors) and Carbon Monoxide (CO Sensors) as well as more than 30 sensors for specific toxic gases.
  • Photo-Ionisation Detection Sensors (PID Sensors) for the identification of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Catalytic Sensors (LEL Sensor / Pellistor) which are fully certified for the detection of flammable/combustible gases.
  • Infrared Sensors (NDIR sensor / IR LEL Sensor) for the detection of gases including Carbon Dioxide (CO2 Sensors), Flammable gases (LEL), Combustible gases and Hydrocarbons
  • Express 24-hour sensor replacement service

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