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  • A ‘Belt & Braces’ Approach to Personal Safety During Maintenance Shutdowns

    Maintenance on plant and equipment is often carried out to prevent problems arising, ensure equipment is working effectively and to increase reliability. Usually these programs are continuous over the year and present the cost benefits of better productivity and efficiency. For plant maintenance to go as planned, extra gas detection equipment may be needed to accelerate the maintenance program.

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  • Gas Detection in Waste Incineration Plants

    At waste incineration plants, fuel derives from household waste, clinical waste, hazardous waste or biomass. Whilst these materials provide excellent sources of fuel, they emit dangerous gases which pose a threat to those working at the plant.

    Gas detection equipment must be installed and used by personnel to adhere to health and safety regulations.

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  • Discover Compliance, Efficiency & Enhanced Safety with Crowcon Connect

    Crowcon Connect is a secure, cost-effective and easy to deploy fleet management system that gives the visibility and insights you need from your gas detectors to ensure compliance, improve efficiency and raise safety levels.

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  • The Benefits Gastec Detector Tubes

    Sourcing gas detectors can be confusing. Will it measure my target gas? Can it be used anywhere? What's the total cost of ownership? Then there’s the problem of trying to find a solution within your price range.

    Gas detector tubes have been around for many years, and they'll continue to be used, because users see the benefits of gas detector tubes, such as:

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  • PAPR FAQs: Your Questions Answered

    During the COVID pandemic, the Duraflow PAPR has become the most popular respiratory product. We've been mostly selling these to nurses and consultants in the NHS as well as dentists and other healthcare professionals who feel that the loose-fitting PAPR provides the level of protection and ultimate comfort whilst carrying out their jobs.

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  • 1 Hour a Day Exercise Challenge

    Daily exercise is encouraged for all sorts of health benefits. Some people are very active whilst others only want to take the dog for a walk. We’ve set up a health club on Strava to challenge everyone at a1-cbiss to try and exercise for at least 1 hour per day.

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  • Are You Aware of Gas Dangers Upon Re-Opening Your Business?

    As the Government eases lockdown measures that were introduced to combat Covid-19, many of us are starting to plan how to return to business. Re-starting operations after a break can present highly significant gas dangers. Your risk assessment must address gas hazards before operations begin.

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  • Make the Switch to Gas Detector Tubes

    Has your current detector tubes provider recently let you down with a slow delivery? Maybe they're too expensive? Or maybe they don't appreciate your loyalty?

    Find out why you should make the switch and buy Gastec gas detector tubes from a1-cbiss.

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  • Decontamination: Gas Detection Solutions

    With the global spread of the Coronavirus, everyone has started to become more vigilant about the need for sterilisation, decontamination and disinfection.

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  • The Dangers of Contaminants in Compressed Breathing Air

    All employers have a duty of care to their employees to ensure that breathing air is safe to breathe. If you think for a moment that testing contaminants in compressed breathing air is a hassle, then think again.

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  • a1-cbiss Annual Fundraiser

    a1-cbiss have announced the fundraising challenge for 2020.

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  • Use GASTEC Tubes with Gas Detectors for the Complete Picture

    Despite the advantages of electronic detectors, there are many applications where GASTEC detector tubes continue to provide a suitable alternative.  When GASTEC tubes are used in conjunction with electronic detectors, they can provide a more accurate and complete picture of the gases present and better understanding of the risks.

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