Duraflow – 5 Things You Need to Know

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Personal Safety

What is the DURAFLOW?

The Duraflow is a lightweight, durable powered air respirator designed for use in a number of environments.

The Duraflow is a cost-effective respiratory solution. The unit itself is extremely affordable but also utilises the trusted Pro2000 filter platform and FH headtop range, allowing users to tailor their respiratory solution to their requirements.

Intelligent Real Time Flowrate Control









An automatic monitoring feature checks that the unit is operating correctly, warns the user of low battery and quickly compensates for changes in airflow. Battery levels and flow rate alerts are displayed on the simple LED display


The Duraflow can be fitted with a choice of hoses:

  1. A fixed length Polyurethane hose
  2. An EPDM Rubber hose, or
  3. A new Self-Adjusting Polyurethane hose which stretches with the wearers’ movements but remains low-profile and close to the body, reducing snag hazards and ensuring comfort even if working space is tight.




IP67 Ingress Protection

The Duraflow can be submerged when fitted with battery and decontamination plugs and is resistant against a variety of commonly used cleaning solutions.

Worn With a Head Top

There are 6 Head Tops which are compatible with the Duraflow.





















For more information, visit the DURAFLOW page


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