5 things you need to know about the AVIVA

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Personal Safety

AVIVA half mask respirator

What is the AVIVA?

The new AVIVA half mask from Scott Safety is the next step forward in half mask technology helping to eliminate the excuses of not wearing a face mask or putting up with a mask not fit for the job. a1-cbiss are pleased to introduce the Scott Safety AVIVA half mask so we’ve listed the 5 things that you need to know.

Innovative design elements have been integrated into the AVIVA half mask to ensure that it can be worn comfortably and for long periods of time. A wide range of filter options makes AVIVA suitable for use in a variety of applications.

Why Choose the AVIVA?

Reflex ‘Double’ Seal

AVIVA half mask Reflex seal

Is your face mask comfortable? Do you make excuses for not wearing a face mask?

The AVIVA has an innovative reflex ‘double’ seal which is unique among respiratory half masks. The seal around the chin flexes with jaw movement, absorbs facial movements and thus maintains the facial seal whilst giving the wearer confidence that the mask is offering maximum protection.

The AVIVA mask material contains silicone-free components allowing it to be worn comfortably over long periods of time.

Some masks require a tight fit to your face. With these types, it is essential that you are fit tested as part of the selection process to ensure that the mask forms a good seal to your face.

Talk to a1-cbiss about providing guidance on the importance of fit testing for tight-fitting masks and practical tips on how to carry out a fit check.

Quick Leak Check

AVIVA half mask leak check

Do you make excuses for your face mask not fitting properly? Are you unsure whether your mask has a good fit?

The AVIVA has a positive fit check mechanism on the front of the mask. During exhale, the wearer simply presses the mechanism; the mask inflates slightly showing whether a good fit has been achieved. This allows the wearer to feel confident that the mask and filters are properly fitted.

Goggle Pinch

AVIVA Half Mask Goggle Pinch

Does your face mask get in the way of your safety goggles or eyewear, much to your frustration?

The AVIVA respiratory mask has a goggle pinch feature which allows the mask to be comfortably worn with eye protection. By pinching the mask over the bridge of the nose, it aligns below goggles, eyewear or safety glasses comfortably.

Avoid Misting

AVIVA half respiratory face mask misting

Does your eyewear mist up whilst wearing your face mask?

A common reluctance for not wearing a mask is that eyewear can mist up.  The AVIVA counteracts this problem with a downward facing valve which prevents misting to eyewear when the wearer exhales.

Comfortable Head Cradle

AVIVA respiratory half mask cradle

Do you make excuses for not wearing a face mask because it doesn’t fit properly under your hard hat?

A comfortable, durable head cradle makes the AVIVA suitable for wearing underneath head PPE such as safety helmets or bumpcaps.

Stop Making Excuses for Not Wearing a Protective Mask

It is estimated that about 30,000 workers in the year 2014/15 suffered breathing or lung problems (e.g. coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness or difficulty in breathing) which they believed were caused or made worse by their work.

The main benefits of wearing Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) – more commonly referred to as a mask is that it helps prevent development of respiratory illnesses caused by inhalation of hazardous substances at work and therefore helps you to work more safely.

Your employer has a responsibility to protect your health and needs to inform you of the potentially dangerous substances you may be exposed to at work.

It may be that a risk assessment indicates that only a few minutes’ exposure to a substance in the air could harm your health, whether now or later in life.

a1-cbiss now supply RPE masks from leading brand manufacturer, Scott Safety. The RPE range has been designed for superior comfort and protection with different sizes and designs available.

Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE)

Contact a1-cbiss for more information about the AVIVA face mask or respiratory protection equipment

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