a1-cbiss Introduce ARMS 2 – Your Refrigerant Leak Detection Solution

by | Mar 2, 2012 | Gas Detection

Refrigerant Leak Detection is an important way of attaining to the EC F-Gas Regulations. The EC F-Gas regulations were brought into action in July 2007 since then the F-Gas regulations are becoming stringent in their guidelines. So who do the EC F-Gas regulations affect? It affects anyone who uses any sort of HFC gas, whether this is a supermarket, a hotel, a university or many food and drink processing industries – you should, by law, be monitoring the containment and recovery of F-Gases. This has been created with the intent to reduce harmful emissions going into the environment. In effect – under the F-Gas Regulation – it is mandatory for sites with an overall refrigerant charge in excess of 300kg to install a fixed refrigerant leak detection system.

It is important that the F-Gas Regulations are viewed as more than a way of satisfying watch bodies and the government; refrigerant leak detection has other benefits to boast it can enhance the public’s perception of your company – it shows that you have a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and in an age where greener options are being demanded this can only be viewed a positive. In terms of cost wastage, statistics prove that 15% of refrigerant loss results in 100% energy consumption, so, by implementing a refrigerant leak detection system you can be sure to reduce product wastage.

There are multiple ways in which refrigerant leak detection can be carried out, the most traditional of which is the bubble tests or through injecting dye and using UV methods. However, with methods like this, the results are not always accurate and are reactive as opposed to being preventative; additionally the more “traditional” methods are often labour intensive and disorderly.

a1-cbiss can provide alternative methods of gas leak detection that save both money and time; handheld detectors and fixed leak monitoring. Handheld detectors are often used because of their speed and precision when detecting gas leaks, however, it should be noted that they are best used in conjunction with fixed detection. Fixed gas leak detection is a calibrated mechanical, electrical or electronic device for detecting leakage of fluorinated greenhouse gases, which, on detection, alerts the operator. Both of these methods are a proven, safer way for personnel and customer protection.

The Automatic Refrigerant Monitoring System (ARMS) is a fixed gas leak detection system, which has the capability to detect up to 32 individual channels, resulting in wide area leak detection for the simultaneous measurement of multiple gases. With the optional separate 32 channels (with 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels to choose from) the ARMS system ensures that the sample is none diluted.

The system features a range of flexible I/O options as standard and fully configurable settings, accessed via the touch screen display; this means that the ARMS 2 system can be easily and readily used by engineers without lengthy training. The ARMS is typically used in cold rooms, plant rooms, store cabinets, service risers and so on. It can be wall mounted so the installation is non invasive and integrates with existing RDM/Carel/CDK panels. The ARMS 2 comes with an optional service package; this means that a1-cbiss will provide support and maintenance for the ARMS after installation. The service contract includes an annual service and maintenance visit ensuring that you’re keeping in line with F-Gas Regulations.

The ARMS 2 has the Energy Capital Allowance (ECA) approval, the ECA was implemented by the government to encourage low carbon energy saving equipment, and as a result, those who install an ARMS 2 can be sure to see a return on investment as a 100% first year investment capital rewarded by the ECA. With installation in over 150 sites across Europe, the ARMS 2 is a proven success story in refrigerant leak detection and maintaining F Gas Regulations.

To find out more about the ARMS 2 you can call 0151 666 8300 and ask for Karl Roberts, our refrigerant leak detection sales manager, or send an email to sales@a1-cbiss.com

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