a1-cbiss Introduce Complete Ambient Air Analyser Range

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Emissions Monitoring, Gas Detection, Personal Safety

a1-cbiss are pleased to announce the addition of new ambient air quality monitoring analysers to their extensive emission monitoring analysers range.

In partnership with Environnement SA, the complete range of real-time gas analysers each use unique technologies and reference methods to provide the most reliable and accurate results for the common regulatory air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and ozone’s

Continuous Ambient Gas Analysers

  • O342M UV Absorption Ozone Analyser provides accurate O3 measurements in range of 0 – 10ppm
  • CO12M NDIR GFC Carbon Monoxide Analyser is designed for high sensitivity monitoring of low CO concentrations in the range of 0-200 ppm
  • AF22M UV Fluorescent Sulphur Dioxide Analyser offers excellent performance for 0-10 ppm SO2 measurement
  • HC51M Total Hydrocarbons FID Analyser provides measurements of hydrocarbons in the range of 0 -1000ppm
  • VOC72M Volatile Organic Compounds Analyser is based on gas chromatography and PID detection for 0 -1000 μg/m3 measurements of BTEX gases
  • AS32M Nitrogen Dioxide Analyser is designed to provide the most accurate and direct value for NO2 measurements by equivalent method without additional conversion.

Each analyser comes as standard with onboard es@cloud software. Secured, modern and fast the es@cloud interface allows remote control of the display, configuration, maintenance and diagnostics from any tablet, laptop or smart phone.

Micro-Monitoring Station

The micro-monitoring station is a turnkey MCERTS accredited monitoring station that can combine up to 3 technologies, housed in one “small foot-print” enclosure, for stand alone or integrated analysis of CO, CO2, O3, NO, NOx and NO2.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Each analyser is compatible with the a1-cbiss Data Acquisition Software (CDAS) to give you detailed reporting and analysis. The flexibility of the software allows real-time data to be collected and converted to PDF and CSV reports.

More information?

For more information on ambient air quality monitoring visit the product page or contact our in-house consultants who can help you to deliver a bespoke air quality monitoring solution.

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