AVIVA2 P3 Half Mask Respirator Ready-Pak Offer

a1-cbiss have a special offer on the AVIVA half mask respirator ready-pak for only £20

The AVIVA 2 Ready-Pak is supplied in a plastic resealable tub for easy transportation and clean storage.

• 1 x AVIVA2 Half Mask Respirator

• 1 x P3 Filter

• 1 x Pre-Filter

- Choose mask size - Small, Medium or Large

- Conforms to EN140

AVIVA Half Mask Respirator

The AVIVA half mask from Scott Safety has been designed with superior user comfort and protection in mind.

A wide range of filter options makes AVIVA s suitable for use in a variety of applications.

• Reflex double seal absorbs facial movements, maintaining protection
• Easy to use leak check mechanism
• Goggle pinch - easy to wear with eye protection
• Enhanced voice panel - be heard by your colleagues
• Comfortable, durable head cradle suitable for use underneath headwear