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by | Jun 10, 2013 | Events, Team News

ChemDAQ visited a1-cbiss to oversee first Peracetic Acid project in the UK

Having won our first project to supply the Steri-Trac system by ChemDAQ to a major global healthcare company, President & CEO, David Hiliker (centre of picture) from ChemDAQ made the trip from the USA to spend some time with us and oversee the installation of the system.

At a1-cbiss, whilst we are delighted to have secured our first project but there are many more opportunities out there where Peracetic Acid (PAA) is used as a sterilant but is potentially causing health hazards. The two key industries of focus are:

Healthcare Food and Beverage
PAA is becoming increasingly popular sterilising agent within the healthcare industry. The Steri-Trac system is being installed to monitor airbourne levels of PAA at ppm levels. PAA is an airbourne toxin that can be very dangerous to health should you be exposed to it over long periods of time. The Steri-Trac system from ChemDAQ is at the forefront of gas detection to ensure that workers are protected around the clock.

Kevin Priest, Marketing Manager of a1-cbiss comments ‘The dangers of Peracetic Acid are reletively unknown to those who work with this airbourne toxin. We need to make people aware of the long term damage that it can cause to the human body. If you work in a hospital with sterlising equipment or in the bottle wash at beverage bottling plant, then the risks of Peracetic Acid should be taken seriously. Exposure to Peracetic Acid can cause skin corrosion, eye irritation, breathing problems and other nasty occurances”.

“We are working with ChemDAQ to provide an easy to use gas monitoring system that contiuously monitors gas concentrations in a given area. The key features of the system is that it provides advanced warnings if the alarm levels are approaching so that people can take preventative measures. ChemDAQ’s unique sensor calibration/exchange program virtually eliminates system maintenance as pre-calibrated sensors can be sent directly to site and easily clicked into place, replacing the old sensor”.

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