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by | Jul 6, 2015 | Gas Detection

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a1-cbiss have written a guide to using gas detection equipment in the oil & gas industry. The 4 page Gas Detection in Oil and Gas overview explores the types of gas detection equipment available to conduct certain activities.

a1-cbiss work with a number of gas detection supplier partners to be able to serve you with the most effective gas detection equipment whether that be for protection of personnel or to protect the rig, tanker or other infrastructure.

There are many dangers which are part of every-day life in the oil and gas industry; combustibility of the products themselves, or toxic gas emissions which can be dangerous or even fatal.

Whether you’re working downstream, midstream or upstream, protection against hazardous gas is crucial for the safety of people and plant. You need an effective gas detection programme!

Our gas detectors detect flammable/combustible gases, toxic gases and oxygen depletion.

Portable gas detectors tend to be worn by people whilst carrying out their duties. it is important that the gas detector monitors the gases that are present. Once a hazardous gas reaches a dangerous level, hazardous to health, the alarm will provide a warning to the worker to evacuate the area and follow procedure.

a1-cbiss now supply wireless gas detectors which transmit data to the control room so health and safety officers know exactly what is happening in the field, how much gas is present, where workers are and evasive action can be taken to prevent workers from going into a dangerous situation.

Fixed gas detection is installed in areas where there is a risk of a gas leak, where workers are likely to be working or where levels of gas is likely to build-up. Fixed gas detection equipment is supplied as gas sensors and gas transmitters to provide alarms and transmit data to the Building Management Systems and Data Acquisition Software.

Gastec gas detector tubes are perfect for carrying out instant measurements within oil and gas applications.  The Gastec detection tube system is the most cost-effective method of gas detection because of the wide range of gases that can be measured using the universal sampling pump.

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If you have a gas detection, an air monitoring or gas analysis requirement, then a1-cbiss can help. Our experienced sales consultants can either discuss your technical / legislation requirements over the phone or better still, conduct a site survey to fully analyse your requirements making sure nothing has been missed.

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