Can You Imagine What It’s Like to Fall from Height?

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Events, Latest News

Between the 7th – 11th October, the 3M Fall Protection Roadshow is in town. By booking the fully-equipped demo van to your site, you’ll get the chance to try the new VR experience plus give your workforce an on-site fall protection demo.

Demos topics include:

• Drop tests – shows the forces workers experience during a fall from height
• Equipment inspections
• Rescue – practical demos available in a range of working environments
• Confined space – practical demos that show the correct use of tripods and the different applications of a winch
• Fall Protection for tools – demos of products designed to prevent the dropping of tools – NEW!
• Understanding lifelines
• Basic working at height guidelines


The demo vans are equipped with the latest Virtual Reality technology, so staff can experience fall from height scenarios. The ideal way to train your workforce in a safe and controlled environment.

To book a free 1-hour fall protection demo, contact:

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