Will You be Ready for the 11th July?

by | May 19, 2021 | Fixed Gas Detection, Gas Detection, Latest News, Personal Safety

The new workplace exposure limits (WELs) for Formaldehyde come into force on 11th July. Will you be ready?

Formaldehyde is a dangerous gas to be exposed to and can cause long lasting damage. From skin irritation and sickness, prolonged exposure can cause severe breathing difficulties, even death.

Why are the WELs being reduced?

The Workplace Exposure Limits are being reduced to recognise these dangers.  From time to time, the Health and Safety Executive make changes to the EH40 guide.

What does this mean for employers?

The changes to the WELs means that employers may need to take additional steps to ensure that employees are safe whilst in work.

This could mean that additional safety equipment is needed to identify how much Formaldehyde is in the atmosphere by using detector tubes or personal badges.

Gas Detection as a Means to Protect

If Formaldehyde is present, alarmed gas detectors may be required to continuously monitor the threat. Continuous gas detectors can have multiple alarm levels to alert of an increasing threat or that WELs have been breached. Respirators should always be available for workers to wear and provide clean filtered air.

Our infographic explains the dangers and the types of people that could be affected most. 
Formaldehyde exposure limits



How will you protect against Formaldehyde? If you need help in either measuring the levels within your workplace or buying the right equipment, contact a1-cbiss. We can carry out a site survey or talk you through what you need to get protected.

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