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by | Aug 28, 2018 | Gas Detection, Latest News, Personal Safety

Following the published changes to the Indicative Occupational Exposure Limits as documented in the EH40 guidelines, portable gas detectors may require a change to their alarm levels.

All types of portable gas detectors are affected by the change. There are 5 common gases which are most likely to be affected by the change including Carbon Monoxide. As a result, many industrial gas detectors will need to be updated.

Any gas detectors purchased after the 21/8/18 should have the new alarm levels pre-configured by the manufacturer. However, if you have bought a gas detector and not customised the settings, then you’ll be required to update your gas detector.

a1-cbiss are offering a FREE gas detector health check to bring the TWA and STEL alarm levels into compliance with the new regulations

What’s included in the health check?

  • Alarm levels updated
  • Functional check


During the Health Check, we will not only update alarm levels but provide a functional check too to ensure sensors are responding to gas effectively. The Health Check will provide you with peace of mind that your gas detector in working order and there to protect you when faced with a dangerous situation.

The Health Check is only available for a limited time only. Be sure to contact a1-cbiss and get booked in by the 31st October 2018.

Call 0151 321 0275 or email to book

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