GASTEC tubes: Best solution for short-term gas measurement requirements

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Gas Detection

The GASTEC detector tubes present superior advantages in comparison to traditional electronic gas detection.

They are cost effective, easy to use, do not require calibration and do not require further laboratory analysis. Providing fast & accurate results in the field, GASTEC tubes are ideal for spot sampling.

These versatile tubes can be utilised in countless applications, including fire fighting (HAZMAT), laboratory, environmental protection, health and safety and many other areas that require immediate exposure levels.

Over 600 GASTEC tubes are available covering a wide range of gases and measurement ranges. Most of which, offer multiple ranges that can easily be interpreted using the scale provided along the side of the tube.

The functioning principle is surprisingly simple. The GASTEC detector tubes are glass tubes that look like a test tube, filled with chemical reagents that absorb and react with the target gas / vapour being monitored. A colorimetric stain (colour change) is then created. For most tubes, the concentration is read directly from the measurement scale provided. This reaction is caused when a specified volume of ambient air (usually around 100ml) is drawn through the tube using the GASTEC piston pump. Small quantities of gas are sufficient enough to provide a reading allowing the user to quickly and easily analyse the results.

The GASTEC Pump GV-100S offers a slim, sleek and ergonomic piston-style design with a firm grip to take samples of 50ml (half-stroke) or 100ml (full-stroke). Quick and easy to use, the GV-100S only requires a few strokes, drawn easily with a handle that requires minimum effort.

Equipped with a built in tube tip breaker, flow finish indicator (provides indication when stroke is complete) and a maintenance kit, the GASTEC sampling pump provides the edge over other sampling competitors.
The 12th edition of the GASTEC handbook (HBE) provides a handy, complete overview of all available tubes. It details the gases that can be measured in alphabetical order (and synonyms), number of pump strokes required, and possible interferences. It also identifies the required colour change of the tube and full scale reading available. The GASTEC handbook is included as part of the GASTEC Starter Kit.

Tubes provided:
1. Dosi tube: Personal monitoring of WEL’s
2. Inject: Injection detector tube
3. Odour: Odorant detector tube
4. Poly: Polytec tube for unknown gas detection
5. Pyro: Pyrotube for use with pyroliser (GAS840)
6. S-ion: Sulphide ion detector tube
7. T-Sulph: Total Sulphide detector tube
8. Air: Airtec tubes work with compressed air detection systems such as the AIRQUAL-1
9. Auto: to be used with an automatic air sampling pump such as GASGSP-300FT-2
a1-cbiss offer a range of Gastec accessories to enhance your Gastec detector tube system

The Extension Hose
The extension hoses are available in up to 30 metres in length. Extension hoses can be attached to the tip of the gas sampling pump (Model GV-100) and used for remote downward measurement in confined spaces, such as manholes, tanks and hard-to-access sites like ducts, shafts and tanks. The hose comes with its own adapter, meaning that it can be connected directly to the Gastec gas detector pumps.

The Hot Probe
The hot probe is a cooling device for measuring extremely hot gases (60 to 600ºC). This probe needs to be used whenever the temperature range indicated in the instructions for use is exceeded in applications such as exhaust from vehicles and incinerators by cooling them down to normal temperatures. The probe, which is connected by a rubber hose to the tube, cools the gas to temperatures below 50 °C

Gastec Tube Breaker
The Gastec tube tip breaker features three durable diamond cutting edges allowing a tube tip to be snapped off at any angle. Broken tube tips are deposited directly into a built-in storage bin, preventing glass fragments from scattering and improving safety. It is reusable and holds over 260 broken tube tips. Rugged, small and durable, the Gastec tube tip breaker easily fits in the gas sampling pump carrying case

Gastec Telescopic Sampling Pole
Made of lightweight fibreglass and weighing only 590g, the extension sampling pole has a compact body (62.5 cm) for easy portability and can be extended to a maximum length of 2.8m

Gastec One Handed Operation Adapter
The Gastec one-handed operation adapter (GASGV-700) is used with the Gastec precision pump (GASGV-100S) to provide convenient one-hand pump operation.
The adapter uses a simple slide valve that opens and closes at the push of a button