MED Approved Gas Detectors

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Gas Detection, Personal Safety

The marine environment is a dangerous one – Not only are there dangers in the water but it is important to note that the dangers out of the water are equally important. Plenty of injuries and even deaths can occur on ships if the proper precautions are not adhered to, especially in confined spaces.

To keep mariners safe, gas detection equipment is essential.  Because of the extreme marine environments that gas detectors are exposed to, specific marine environment testing and certification is required to ensure suitability of its use.

The European Marine Equipment Directive (MED) approval is internationally recognised and is a legal requirement for equipment aboard EU vessels.

Gas detectors used onboard vessels registered in an EU country must hold MED approval, and show the wheel mark icon to demonstrate compliance. If gas detectors are found to be not certified to MED standards then corporate manslaughter charges are possible.

MED Approved Gas Detection Equipment

For general personal protection in the marine industry, a1-cbiss recommend the PS200 multi-gas detector. It is a reliable MED approved 4 gas personal monitor with aspirated pump capabilities for pre-entry checks in confined spaces.

The PS200 provides effective protection against the four most common gas hazards experienced in the marine industry including oxygen and combustible gases. The unit is robust and tough enough to deal with the demanding marine environments.  The PS200 is ideally suited to help vessels comply with SOLAS requirements which dictate the need for gas detection onboard vessels.

Always ensure your gas detectors are fully calibrated and certificated at any time. The multifunctional ABC Docking Station enables data to be easily retrieved from the PS200 portable gas detector. Once the PS200 is placed in the dock it can be bump tested, calibrated and charged by following a simple 6 step guide.

We don’t just provide personal portable gas detectors. a1-cbiss have many years of experience designing and installing fixed gas detection systems suitable for the marine industry.

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