“Most Innovative Fixed Gas Sensor”

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Fixed Gas Detection

Meridian with sensor and cap

a1-cbiss are pleased to announce the addition of a new fixed gas detector to the product portfolio that compliments the wide range of gas detectors currently available. Scott Safety – a global leader in innovative personal protective equipment and safety devices, have announced the availability of Meridian, the company’s innovative, next generation fixed gas detection solution.

“All Sensor Types in One Sensor”

A truly universal gas detector, Meridian is designed to support a full range of toxic and combustible sensors within one sensor, including Scott’s standard and Rock Solid electrochemical, catalytic bead, infrared and a new metal oxide semiconductor sensor for H2S detection. Meridian also can support up to three sensors per transmitter with each sensor offering its own 4-20 mA output to the DCS.

“Significantly Reduced Ongoing Investment Costs”

Designed with ease of use in mind, Meridian significantly reduces upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs. Its hot swappable plug-and-play sensors make it easy and quick to install as well as replace sensors in hazardous locations without the need to power down the instrument. Meridian’s toxic and oxygen sensors are range-agnostic, allowing for a change in sensor range without recalibration. Additionally, sensors can be bench calibrated in a lab and then installed in the field without the need for further recalibration. Its one set of universal accessories can serve all applications.

“Advanced Communication Protocols and Global Regulatory Approvals”

The best decision for today and tomorrow, Meridian’s modular design and support for multiple wired and wireless communications protocols make it easy to integrate into an existing infrastructure and future proof investments. With global regulatory approvals and SIL2 certification from TUV-Rheinland, Meridian ensures best-in-class performance and safety.

“Meridian addresses our customers’ biggest concerns surrounding reliability, operational efficiency and cost of ownership,” said Aziz Khan, global product line manager of fixed gas detection for Scott Safety. “Additionally, its global regulatory approvals and third-party SIL certification guarantee that Meridian can be deployed anywhere. It’s a truly universal approach to gas detection.”

Formed in 1989, a1-cbiss is a leading distributor for a wide range of gas detection products and services to clients in the oil & gas, food & beverage, manufacturing, energy from waste, power generation, shipping & marine, petrochemical and wastewater industries.

a1-cbiss are known for their expertise in the design, build, installation and service of gas detection systems in the UK. a1-cbiss is a key partner to Scott Safety where they are working together providing custom built gas detection solutions in any industrial application.

For more information, view the Meridian

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