New Air Quality Analysers Show Environnement’s Commitment to Reduced Environmental Impact

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Emissions Monitoring

Air Quality Analysers

Dedicated to the measurement of regulated pollutants such as Ozone (O3), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NO- NO2 and NOx), the e-Series of analysers, from Environnement SA (France), has been designed with a special consideration to the environmental impact of the product during its whole lifecycle.

The measurement modules of the e-Series are fitted in closed cell expanded 100% recyclable polypropylene foam (EPP) that has outstanding cushioning properties, high strength-to-weight ratio and efficient thermal and electrical insulation. Components such as tubes, cables, circuit boards or fans are tightly held into various channels and cavities that are moulded into the EPP chassis. This simplifies the assembly process and also provides easier access for service and maintenance, or for recycling the product at its end-of-life.

Heavily polluting components have been fully eliminated within the e-series. As an example, the O342e is the first ozone analyser on the market which does not use Mercury lamp as excitation source.

The analysers are very compact, lightweight and have a low carbon footprint: up to 82% less than other criteria pollution monitor on the market.

Typically, air quality monitors equipped with individual screens, are installed in mobile or fixed monitoring stations with generally a computer for data acquisition and processing software such as the XR from iseo (group Environnement S.A). Excepting some quality control or maintenance operations, the analyser display is on standby mode for over 99% of its lifetime. Consequently, the screen display is more a matter of usage pattern than a real need. The complete range of e-Series integrates an embedded web server featuring intuitive navigation by pictograms and offering quick and easy access to the analyzer. Secured (various level of passwords), modern, simple, fast and accessible through any browser, the ESA ConnectTM user interface allows remote, simultaneous multichannel viewing and control of the monitor from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

Customers are therefore urged to adopt the ‘no-screen’ concept, meaning the electrical consumption of the analyser is further reduced and the additional pollution related to the screen manufacturing and recycling cycle is avoided.

Engineered with breakthrough technologies, the e-Series achieve a previously unreachable level of autonomy: it also integrates self diagnosis and a high level of self-operation. Each analyzer is self monitored continuously for performance and fault control: it detects early signs of trouble, identifies the service needed and even guides the service operations!

Environnement S.A has also committed to plant a tree for every e-Series analyser purchased during the next year, demonstrating their willingness to encourage the choice of a sustainable technology. A selection of forest conservation, reforestation and agro-ecological projects is proposed on 5 continents: the code registered in the certificate delivered with the analyser will allow purchasers to geolocate their tree.

Environnement S.A’s commitment to innovation and its decades of expertise ensures you get the best pollution monitoring on the market, quickly, ecologically and reliably!

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