New Proposed F Gas Regulation Explained

by | Nov 22, 2012 | Gas Detection

a1-cbiss explain the proposed the new F Gas regulation and have calculated the leak testing frequencies

The new F Gas regulation was published and presented to delegates at the Atmosphere 2012 conference in Brussels on 7th November includes some significant changes to the existing regulation and has far reaching implications for the European Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Industry.

When you consider that since 1990, CO2 equivalent emissions within the EU have reduced by 18% overall but F Gas emissions have increased by 60% in the same time, it is not difficult to see why this particular area has received such intense focus. The much anticipated regulation changes aim to strengthen the existing F Gas regulation, apply the regulation to new areas (transport refrigeration) and ‘encourage’ the industry to move towards a HFC free market and use of low GWP refrigerants.
In addition to the well publicised phase down schedules for HFCs, quotas for supply of HFCs into the EU market, training & certification requirements for ‘natural’ refrigerants and banning of pre-charged equipment, the proposed regulation has significant implications with regard to obligations for leak checking.
Under the existing regulation, a site would simply have to know what Kg charge they had to know what leak detection frequencies/requirements applied, whereas under the new proposal, they now have to factor in the GWP and make a calculation relative to CO2 equivalent emissions. This will undoubtedly complicate things for many site operators who will be asking ‘how do we calculate how frequently we need to check for leaks’? and ‘we didn’t need to have fixed leak detection under the existing F Gas, do we need it under the new regulation’?

Well fear not because we have done the calculations for you and the new system charge limits in terms of leak detection requirements for the most common HFC’s can be summarised as follows:

Leak Testing Frequencies Under New F Gas Proposal

HFC GWP GWP equivalent to between 5-50 tonnes CO2

(Mandatory Leak check every 12 months)

GWP equivalent to between 50-500 tonnes CO2

(Mandatory Leak check every 6 months)

GWP equivalent to 500 tonnes or more CO2(Mandatory Leak check every 3 months plus

MUST have fixed leak detection system)

R404a 3,920 1.3kg 13kg 130kg
R410a 1,610 3kg 30kg 300kg
R417a 1,950 2.5kg 25kg 250kg
R422d 2,624 1.9kg 19kg 190kg
R134a 1,430 3.5kg 35kg 350kg
R407a 1,990 2.5kg 25kg 250kg
R407c 1,600 3kg 30kg 300kg
R407f 1,705 2.9kg 29kg 290kg
R507 3,298 1.5kg 15kg 150kg

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