New Tango TX1 Gas Detector Available From a1-cbiss

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Gas Detection

Industrial Scientific Introduces the Tango™ TX1 Single Gas Monitor, Now Available From a1-cbiss

The Tango TX1 with DualSense™ Technology ensures that users will be significantly safer with the Tango than with any other single gas instrument on the market today.*

By wearing the Tango, workers will be the safest single gas monitor users in the world. A three-year runtime and patent pending DualSense™ Technology increases worker safety, regardless of bump test frequency, while reducing overall maintenance costs.

The Tango solves three primary challenges commonly faced by single gas instrument users.

1. It is difficult to bump test instruments daily – DualSense Technology ensures that regardless of your current bump test policy, you will be significantly safer with the Tango.

2. Instrument battery life is not long enough – The Tango operates continuously in an “always-on” mode for three years. After the battery can no longer support instrument life, it can be replaced for another three years of continuous operation. The three-year runtime eliminates the cost of instrument replacement and instrument downtime is reduced.

3. Instrument alarms cannot be easily heard by workers – The Tango alarms at 100dB at 10 centimeters making it twice the volume of Industrial Scientific’s GasBadge units and louder than any single gas instrument on the market. Alarm volume can be increased by about 10dB for higher-noise environments with the addition of the optional AlarmAmp™.

*Based on iNet® data including more than 2 million bump tests and 100,000 unique sensors.

The Tango detects carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Its revolutionary patent pending DualSense™ Technology includes two of the same type sensor for the detection of a single gas. The two sensor readings are processed through a proprietary algorithm and displayed as a single reading to the user.

DualSense™ Technology was developed to address the major challenge of making sure workers are always using fully functioning, reliable instruments in the field. Until Tango, that required a bump test of the instrument before each day’s use. With Tango’s DualSense™ Technology, workers are exponentially safer regardless of bump test frequency.

It is powered by one replaceable 2/3 AA lithium battery that will power it continuously for up to three years even if the instrument is being used in the optional “always on” mode. After the battery can no longer support instrument life, it can be easily replaced for another three years of continuous operation. With a three-year instrument warranty, three-year carbon CO and H2S sensor warranty, and two-year warranty on the SO2 and NO2 sensors, the Tango is the most cost effective instrument on the market today.

The Tango is compatible with iNet®, Industrial Scientific’s Gas Detection as a Service solution. iNet is a software-based service that increases safety by providing visibility into gas detector alarms, exposure and usage. With iNet, customers do not have to buy gas detectors. Instead, they can subscribe to iNet and receive Gas Detection as a Service.

So what does this mean for the GasBadges Plus?

Due to the release of the Tango™ TX1, the GasBadge Plus single gas disposable unit will no longer be available for purchase from 30th June 2013 (with continued support on existing units until the end of 2013).


1. What if I need to replace my GasBadge Plus unit before the 30th June?
No problem, The GasBadge Plus unit is still available for purchase up until the 1st October 2013. Customers wanting to upgrade to the Tango TX1, who cannot wait until October, will be offered a GasBadge Plus unit as a “bridge” until the Tango is available. To qualify for this offer, you must place an order for the Tango TX1 to initiate the delivery of the Gasbadge Plus bridging unit.

2. I cannot see an option for O2 in the Tango range?
The Tango TX1 is not currently available with an Oxygen sensor option. The replacement unit for the GasBadge Plus in this instance is the GasBadge® Pro.
Offering a minimum 2,600 hours continuous operation from replaceable CR2 lithium battery, the GasBadge® Pro provides a lifetime of gas hazard protection with more features than any other single gas monitor available. Interchangeable “smart” sensors enable the GasBadge® Pro to be quickly adapted to monitor unsafe levels of oxygen or any one of the following toxic gases: carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, phosphine, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen.

3. As we can now only purchase the GasBadge Pro for O2, will there be any special pricing for the replacement Gasbadge Pro unit?
The GasBadge® Pro for Oxygen (O2) will be offered at the promotional price of £172.00 until 30th September 2013 P/N 18100060-3
From the 1st October 2013, the normal price per GasBadge Pro (O2) will be £194.00.

4. Are we offering a Tango promotional program to customers that have an existing GasBadge Plus unit (still under warranty) that now have a purchasing decision to make?
Yes. For current GasBadge Plus users that are seeking another single gas instrument to replace their GasBadge Plus, we can offer the Tango at £69.00 for CO & H2S and £142.00 for SO2 & NO2. To qualify for this promotional price, you will be required to provide the existing GasBadge Plus serial number to receive the promotional price.
Normal prices for the Tango TX1 are as follows: £137.00 for CO & H2S and £203.00 for SO2 & NO2.

Special Offer – 1 Year GasBadge Plus for monitoring oxygen are on offer available through our webshop priced at £65 each.

For more information or clarification, please contact a1-cbiss on +44(0)151 666 8300

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