OdaLog – Monitor H2S Odours in Wastewater

by | May 22, 2014 | Gas Detection

The OdaLog is specifically designed for logging Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) emissions in harsh, humid, and dirty wastewater environments.

Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is classified as deadly and highly corrosive; the treatment of wastewater causes the release of H2S, which creates an offensive rotten egg odour. It’s this odour that can be the source of numerous complaints from residential and business communities. However, it’s not just the smell that’s the problem with H2S – it’s known to be extremely toxic to humans! Additionally, H2S can also cause sulphuric corrosion to the sewer network.

There are several techniques that can be used to control the level of H2S but almost all of them require the use of chemical neutralisers. Whatever the method, one thing is common – the control and monitoring of gas measurements before, during and after the treatment process.

Built for the Wastewater Conditions

Extracting and collating accurate data can often present a challenge; therefore the OdaLog has been specifically designed for the wastewater industry.

Featuring a splash-proof design, high IP rating, excellent battery life and a large data capacity, the OdaLog boasts the ability to datalog in-situ for long periods of time. By taking advantage of these features, you can place the OdaLog in wellheads or gravity sewers giving consultants and engineers direct access to critical measurement data that is essential in process monitoring.

The design and ease of use of the OdaLog is perfect for it’s environmental use. It’s robust to carry out site surveys, continuous data logging and odour management.

Data Collection

One of the celebrated features of the OdaLog is its ability to graph and export the data in manageable CSV files, which can then be used with popular data management programmes to create visual graphs and data. And what is more, if the OdaLog RTX is your odour logger of choice, you can monitor H2S from the comfort of your own desk. Using GSM signals and the OdaStat-G software the OdaLog wirelessly transmits data directly to your computer, allowing you respond quickly and address any unusual readings or problems.


Johnny Scoular, Director at Taytech, has been a long term user of the OdaLog and relies on it for the day to day monitoring of nuisance odours.

“We choose to use the OdaLog because the flexibility allows it to be deployed in many applications where the measurement and recording of Hydrogen Sulphide is required. Being battery operated we find that we don’t have power supply problems and can use the OdaLog in remote areas. The OdaLog gives our business robust and reliable data that we can graph and export as .JPG’S or CSV files. It is important in our business to be able to identify problems and provide cost effective solutions quickly and efficiently. The service we receive from a1-cbiss enables us to operate with confidence and ensures that we are giving our customers good reliable data to facilitate quick remedies to odour specific issues.”

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