OdaLog Type 1 Phase Out

by | Sep 10, 2013 | Gas Detection

App-tek have announced the phase out of their OdaLog Type 1 Hydrogen Sulphide Logger which means we will no longer stock consumables for the Type 1 nor can we service them.

It’s not all bad news though…

From now until the end of September we will offer you £70 off the price of a new OdaLog L2 when you trade in your existing type 1.

OdaLogs are a preferred method of detecting H2S odour at low ppm levels. Their rugged design and sensor protection allow them to be left in-situ in wastewater environments for prolonged periods of time.

Building on the existing design of the Type 1, the L2 utilises improved battery technology and an increased memory capacity to provide extended low level odour detection in the harshest wastewater applications.

‘Try before you buy’

Unsure if the L2 is the right fit for you? Then give check out our hire prices and ‘try before you buy’

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