PAPR for Returning to the Dentist Practice

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Latest News

Are you a dentist who is wondering how to go back to work safely?

The Duraflow powered air respirator with a loose-fitting FH2 hood allows dentists to comfortably get on with their job whilst being fully protected.

Safety – The  FFP3 filter features a high capacity filter element. It removes even the smallest bacteria and virus particles with efficiency better than 99.99%

Comfort –  The loose-fitting FH2 hood has plenty of space to allow for loupes to be worn comfortably and keep facial hair. The cool air will also keep the dentist feeling fresh throughout the day.

Clear Vision – The constant stream of cool air blown around the head-top prevents any misting or condensation.



The Duraflow PAPR is the ultimate PPE solution for dentists.

  • Lightweight Comfort – The filtration unit comfortably worn around the waist weighs just 600g.
  • Long-Life – The standard rechargeable battery lasts for up to 8 hours.
  • Safety Alarms – Audible alarms activate if the unit can’t achieve the correct flow rate, warning the dentist that there’s a problem
  • Easy Clean – Cleaning it is easy too, the system can be wiped easily using disinfectant.






Public Health England recognises the highest risk of transmission of respiratory viruses is during aerosol generating procedures of the respiratory tract. Dental procedures are classified as aerosol generating procedures. Therefore, recommendations for dentistry include a Powered Air Respirator with FFP3 filter.


Buying the Duraflow Readypak

Buying the Duraflow as Readypak means that it comes complete with everything you need – Powered Air unit; 8-hour rechargeable battery; Standard belt; Charger; 2x P3 filters; FH2 headtop and fixed-length hose.


For more information about the Duraflow or PAPR, click here

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