Gastec is the Solution for Onsite Soil Sampling

Mar 21, 2018

Gastec is the Solution for Onsite Soil Sampling

by | Mar 21, 2018


QROS analysers were used on the Crossrail project in London to screen excavated soil from the tunnelling. The on-site soil sampling was conducted for hydrocarbons, phenols, ammonium, cyanide and chlorinated solvents on a routine basis with over 15,000 samples analysed at a rate of over 80 samples a day.




QROS needed a solution that allowed them to test the samples on-site and analyse results immediately without the use of further lab equipment. The combination of low-cost rapid analysis together with accurate identification of contamination was a necessity for the project.




a1-cbiss were able to provide GASTEC Gas Detector Tubes & Pump for on-site sampling in coordination with a QROS designed analyser. The GASTEC tubes were placed in a QROS designed heating unit and used with the GASTEC sampling pump to repeatedly extract the exact amount required for analysis. Using the GASTEC tubes, results were available on site within 3 hours from the sample receipt.



What did the client say?

“We chose the GASTEC brand of colorimetric tubes as, after lengthy testing, we found that the GASTEC tubes provided the most consistent and accurate results for our chlorinated solvent screening application. The level of customer service provided by a1-cbiss has been of an excellent standard; they provided us with a fair price and always ensure that the tubes are delivered the next day ready for on-site testing. The pump works extremely well and we will continue to use a1-cbiss as a supplier for all our GASTEC needs”