Scott Safety AVIVA Respiratory Half Mask Now Available

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Personal Safety

AVIVA Respiratory Face Masks

The new AVIVA half mask from Scott Safety is the next step forward in half mask technology helping to eliminate the excuses of not wearing a face mask or putting up with a face mask not fit for the job.

Innovative design elements such as a reflex face seal, an easy-to-use leak check mechanism and goggle ‘pinch’ have been integrated into the AVIVA half mask, with user comfort and protection in mind.

A wide assortment of filters are available to suit most requirements including:

  • Particulate filters
  • Gas filters
  • Combination filters
  • READY-PAK filters are an option for clean storage and easy transportation

The AVIVA is available as a single or twin filter configuration

AVIVA2 Half mask filter        AVIVA40 single Filter face mask                AVIVA40 Single Filter Respiratory Mask

AVIVA² Twin Filter          AVIVA 40 Single Filter        AVIVA 50 Single Particulate Filter

AVIVA2 is compatible with the Pro2 filters and Pro2Flex low profile particulate and nuisance relief filters

AVIVA40 is compatible with the Pro2000 filters

Workers should use respiratory face masks to protect their health and control occupational diseases caused by airborne hazards. Respiratory protection provides workers with clean uncontaminated air to safely breathe in.

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