Gas Detection Solutions for the Chemical Industry

The production, storage, and distribution of products and byproducts within the chemical industry are some of the most dangerous to those who work with them directly.

The contribution of gas detection management in the chemical industry plays an imperative role.

Chemical Industry Gas Hazards
Gas Monitoring Solutions
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Within chemical production, gas hazards are real.

Chemical Storage

Maintaining the integrity of storage facilities is paramount. Early warning of any leak improves the safety of the facility and those living or working around it. When detected at an early stage, countermeasures can be initiated to protect personnel, workplaces and equipment. Gas detection systems are installed to focus on flanges and any potential weak points where leaks may occur. These systems can give local alerts as well as taking executive action to adapt gas flow and storage rates.


Any maintenance works carried out which involve welding and soldering should be covered under a hot work permit and require the use of area and personal detectors to maintain a safe working atmosphere. In this environment, you need a reliable warning and protection system. Respiratory protective filters can also be worn under welding masks to protect against nuisance odours and particulates.

Confined Space

At any point, a large and complex amount of gases, which lead to atmospheric contamination hazards, will be present. With gases such as Nitrogen and Sulphur present at any time, workers are exposed to the risks of explosion, corrosiveness and asphyxiation. Combined and in a potential enclosed space, these gases pose much more of a threat than they would individually.

Toxic gases typically need to be detected in sub-100ppm (0.01%) volume levels to protect personnel.

Provide continuous gas monitoring

Personal gas detectors are a must, but continuous monitoring for LELs can alert you to a problem 24/7. Some area gas monitors have a 7-day runtime that can be extended indefinitely with an external power supply. Area monitors are great for setting up a perimeter around a hazards area or monitoring a leak or spill.


The last line of defence

Protective respiratory masks should be worn under welding masks to protect against nuisance odours and particulates.


Keep workers connected

If someone experiences a man-down, panic alarm, or high gas alarm, it could take minutes or hours before anyone will know. With wireless gas monitors, workers in the area, as well as a remote safety manager or first responders, can be alerted immediately, improving response times.


Use data to reduce and eliminate gas exposure

Gas detection management software helps you manage hazards, people, and equipment from anywhere with a simple dashboard. It also provides information on how gas detectors are being used, allowing you to take corrective actions.

a1-cbiss have an abundance of experience in supplying gas detection solutions to many of the UK’s largest chemical producers.


At a1-cbiss (Custom Built Intelligent Sampling Systems), we pride ourselves as the complete solution company; not only do we supply quality off the shelf products we also design, manufacture, install and commission bespoke gas monitoring solutions. Our portfolio, combined with years of knowledge and expertise means we are able to offer a diverse range of engineered solutions.


We are a dedicated team of technical salespeople and engineers that recommend, supply and install a range of emissions monitoring systems, gas detection, gas sampling, and personal safety products.

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