Gas Detection Solutions for Waterwater Treatment

The water treatment industry encompasses many processes from the collection, treatment, disposal of sewage and distribution of clean water.

These humid processes produce disgusting smells that derive from raw sewage and stagnant water. Toxic and combustible gas hazards must be monitored on a continuous basis.


Wastewater Treatment Gas Hazards
Gas Monitoring Solutions
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Water and wastewater treatment plants are designed to treat all municipal waste and purify water for it to be reused. The process of water purification results in the by-product of harmful combustible and toxic gases which can create hazardous environments that must be monitored on a continuous basis.

Toxic gases also can build up in confined spaces, depleting oxygen and making those locations highly dangerous for plant personnel. a1-cbiss have a portfolio of products which are ideally suited for water treatment systems.

Pumping Stations – Wastewater from local communities arrives at the wastewater plant through underground pipework. Pumping stations are often enclosed areas and are considered to be confined spaces. This can lead to a build-up of toxic Hydrogen Sulphide emanating from the stagnant waste water.

Primary Treatment – Some primary treatment facilities use Hydrogen Peroxide as a pre-treatment additive, so oxygen levels should be monitored closely. Also, if primary treatment is done in an indoor facility, Methane, Hydrogen Sulphide, and Oxygen levels must all be monitored closely to ensure safety for anyone entering the process facility.

Sludge Digestion – Micro-organisms are used in the sludge digestion process to break down sludge and scum into Methane gas, Carbon Dioxide, solid organic by-products, and water. The by-product of the digestion process is 70% methane gas, which can be captured to generate heat to warm site buildings, as well as for the heat-dependent treatment processes.

Disinfection – After passing through primary and secondary treatment, wastewater is disinfected with Chlorine and Ozone to kill bacteria. In subsequent steps, Sodium Bisulphite is occasionally added to de-chlorinate the water, so that Chlorine levels in the ultimate discharge will not threaten marine organisms.

Odour control – Air scrubbers and carbon absorbers remove odours and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) from treatment process off-gases. Odour control is used in all of the wastewater processes. Odour control performance is constantly monitored and is governed by local regulations. Hydrogen Sulphide is typically the primary Odour concern, however, Ammonia also requires monitoring.

Gastec Gas Detector Tubes – Gas detector tubes are perfect for carrying out instant measurements within wastewater plants. The detection tube system is the most cost-effective method of gas detection.

Portable Gas Detectors – a1-cbiss has a wide range of portable gas detectors in use in the wastewater industry for the protection of personnel. Due to the wet, dark and noisy conditions, the gas detectors offer variable alarms, high protection ratings and ATEX approvals.

Survey Monitors – Highly sensitive survey monitors are used to carry out assessments on site for the purpose of datalogging, odour control, sampling and boundary monitoring.

Fixed Gas Detection and Alarm Systems – a1-cbiss’ strength lies in engineering capabilities and project
management with building and integrating fixed gas detection and alarming systems.
Detecting hazardous gases and issuing alarms are important in the protection of the wastewater facility and plant personnel. This can be done through integrating the gas detection & alarm system with Data Acquisition (DAS) and the Building Management System (BMS).

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